About Electus

We believe that investing is similar to the game of chess. It requires skill gained from years of experience, a steadfast temperament and a proven strategy to reach the end goal. In chess that goal is to protect the king, in our game it's to grow the value of your money and to beat the market.

That is why we invest in a consistently disciplined and focused manner, based on an unwavering investment philosophy of always striving to buy into high quality businesses at prices that are low compared to their long-term investment valuation.

We offer our clients access to a wealth of equity research and fund management experience across the entire South African equity market and a proven, awarding-winning track record of offering excess returns.

Our equity portfolios are managed with high conviction and with shares chosen in an unconstrained fashion, giving you the benefit of our proven stock-picking ability. We believe in quality over quantity as we construct concentrated, but still well-diversified portfolios containing around 35 shares.

We are absolutely committed to delivering on long-term performance and offering our clients top quality service. As a result, we have a restricted asset capacity which allows Electusclients to have the ability to potentially invest in about 110 companies while our limited client base enables us to deliver unmatched levels of client service.