Electus Quarterly Strategy Note Q4 2017

Mish-al Emeran discusses his recent research trip to China and India. We asked Mish-al to visit China and India on a bespoke trip in order to gain a better understanding of these two key countries, where 35% of the world's population live. China and India are vastly different to each other from a cultural and socio-economic perspective and we need to understand them as individual countries, as well as how they impact South Africa and our financial markets. The autocratic China has had incredibly fast growth over the past three decades and is extremely important to South Africa from a resource consumption perspective, while the democratic India is slowly, but increasingly, reforming and becoming a more competitive global force.  

In arriving at his views and conclusions, Mish-al covers the following:

  • China's key Risks to a Soft-Landing and Macro Stability
  • China's likely impact on Commodity Fundamentals
  • How China's Consumer and Services sectors will be Impacted
  • Will Demographic and Structural reforms help India become the next China?
  • Is India going to become the successor to China as the Commodity consuming juggernaut?

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