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Richard Hasson

Co-Head of Electus

Richard is responsible for jointly managing the Electus funds with Neil Brown. Richard became co-head of the boutique and these long only equity funds, with full accountability, in August 2006. Richard has also co-managed equity hedge funds with Neil since November 2005 and 130/30 funds since May 2008.

With 21 years investment experience, Richard has an ability to analyse and understand company financial statements in detail and uncover key trends that lie behind these numbers. Having spent the early part of his career in the small cap sector, Richard has an in-depth understanding of this sector in the market which is typically under researched.

Richard joined Old Mutual Investment Group in June 1997 after completing his auditing articles. He started out as a small cap equity analyst and in December 1998 he became the Small Cap Sector Head.

In April 2002, he took over management of the Old Mutual Growth Fund (unit trust). In June 2004 he moved from the small cap sector to the financial sector and became Head of Financial Sector and portfolio manager of the award winning (S&P and Raging Bull) Old Mutual Financial Fund (unit trust).