The Electus website strives to apply accepted standards of accessibility with the aim of optimising use for a variety of users. Our site accessibility is an organic process and will continue to improve over time.

Basic Standards

  • The site has a clear visual hierarchy and works acceptably across target browsers.
  • The site has a meaningful 404 page (error page) that will contain information redirecting users to other relevant areas within the site.


  • Where possible, decorative images are in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • "alt" attributes are employed for images.

Basic Usability

  • Headings clearly indicate the document structure.
  • Navigation is consistent throughout the site.
  • The site has an easy to find sitemap and contact page.
  • The site has a link to the home page on every page.
  • The site is optimised for speed and page size.

Accessibility for Devices

  • Content is accessible without CSS.
  • Content is accessible without images.
  • Content is meaningful in text browsers.
  • Content is accessible when printed.
  • The site works well in different window sizes greater than 800x600.
  • The site is accessible on Hand Held Devices.

Site Management

  • The site has friendly URLs that work without "www".
  • The site has a favicon.

Accessibility for Users

  • In order to increase font size, please press ctrl + +, and to decrease font size, please press ctrl + -.
  • Hyperlinks are made as descriptive as possible.
  • The site has sufficient colour contrasts.
  • The site does not use colour alone for critical information.

Separation of Content & Presentation

  • CSS are used for presentation aspects.