About us

We always strive to buy into high quality businesses at prices that are low compared to their long-term investment valuation.

Electus Fund Managers analyses companies and manages institutional and retail (unit trust) client funds. The Electus-managed funds consist of South African equity funds and Long-Short equity hedge funds, as this is where Richard Hasson and Neil Brown have 47 years of combined experience. 

In January 2007, Neil and Richard formally started Electus, as a two person fund management boutique within Old Mutual Investment Group (OMIG). Electus was successful in terms of client fund performance, asset growth and profitability. Richard and Neil have continued to manage the Electus business and its clients in a 100% independent Electus business since 2015 under FSP licence number 46077.  

In April 2018 Electus partnered with Citadel Holdings (Citadel), a leader in Private Wealth management.  Citadel holds a 30% share in Electus Fund Managers, but Electus remains independent. 

Our ability to add value to clients stems from:

Electus unchanged investment approach

  • High conviction, unconstrained share selection, fundamentally based, "bottom-up" SA equity and hedge fund manager
  • Proven track record of delivering excess returns through bottom-up stock selection

Electus competitive position

  • The two founders have47 years of combined experiencein analysing companies and managing fundsacross the entire SA equity market.All team members have >10 years of relevant SA experience
  • We have an unbroken18-year track record,including the past 3 years as an independent Electus,managing award winning SA equity funds anddelivering more than 1.6% pa of excess return with best-in-class risk metrics
  • We have jointly managed SA equity funds for 13 yearsand have anintegrated and proven investment process, withfocused and opportunistic research
  • Electus' smaller size of assets under management allows us tomore meaningfully analyse and invest in mid-sized companies,which also allows us to havea high level of Active Share risk
  • A flat management and investment structure ensures thatwe are flexible and accountable, always being able to debate and implement decisive investment decisions
  • As anindependent business, beingowned by all staff, Electus and its staff havezero potential conflicts of interestand therefore we have completeinvestment autonomy.Electus has had zero staff turnover
  • Electus is very well fundedand stronglysupported by Citadel as a 30% shareholder
  • By onlyinvesting in the Electus managed Nedgroup Investments Growth Fund and Hedge Fund,with no Personal Account trading, Electus staff are totallyaligned with our Client interests
  • Electus staffregularly engageall stakeholders, providingexcellent Client and stakeholder service